About Us

About our team

With more than 15 years of experience in the jewelry business, each member of our team plays an important role in the final outcome.
We have studied design and jewelry making. But in an always evolving world, we love new ideas and learning new techniques. Our goal is to create pieces of jewelry of high quality that you will be able to enjoy every day but also on special occasions.

Based in Athens, Greece, we create each piece with love and respect. All pieces are made-to-order. We prepare the metals in our workshop in Athens and create each piece using manual machines and hand tools. And finally, we carefully wrap it in a beautiful and elegant gift box.


The silver side of life
An inspirational journey

One day, seven travelers set out to find the silver lake. They followed a small stream through the woods, collecting bits and pieces to help them on their journey. And there in the heart of a beautiful forest, they found the silver lake shining bright. They started working with all they had gathered. Inspired by their journey and with the help of the silver lake, their ideas came into shape.

Nature creates the most beautiful designs.

Silvertraits is a collection of handmade silver jewelry for men and women. Unique effects and textures, amazing contrasts. We use sterling silver to prepare each piece, drawing inspiration from all that nature offers.

We aim to add a special trait to your day… to welcome you to the silver side of life!